Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jessie Loves Woody!

We can't wait for the latest Toy Story movie hits the Big Screen! Of course we needed a set to wear to the premiere, and this is perfect! I'll make a 4th of July tee later, and Emily can wear the skirt with that too! Nothing like Mix and Match pieces!
Of course Emily decided Chrissa needed a matching set too! She even found a little hat for her to wear ;)
Pictures were taken at The Westland Historical Village.

Can't forget about Chrissa!



Adorable!!! Love the top and skirts that match the dolls! What a fun and usable set!


that is really cute !!

great job !!

Kerry_Kid Giddy

Seeing that I was born...deep in the heart of Texas...and I LOVE Jessie - I'd wear this myself! (ok - with a t-shirt - but still - YEE HAW! That is adorable!