Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hey, Hey Kool Aid

Hey, hey KOOL AID!

Kool Aid hair, it's become a summer tradition in our house.  Towards the end of the school year, usually within the last week, my daughter dip dyes her hair using kool aid. We only dip the ends because it is PERMANENT and in the past if she wants all of the color gone by fall we've had to have it cut out.  This is the third year we've dip dyed her hair and we've learned a few things along the way.  Most important, like I said before, it is permanent.  It will fade, depending on different factors like the type of shampoo you use, swimming in chlorine pools, and the health of your hair.  For us it does not come out completely.   We dye it in mid June and always use red (cherry) kool aid because by early September, when school starts, it has faded to a pretty auburn in her medium brown hair and looks like a natural hair color.  Since my daughter's school dress code does not allow "unnatural" hair dye colors, the red is a perfect choice for us.  Kool Aid dip dye works GREAT on blondes, and works on lighter brunettes too.  If your hair is dark brown or black, the color will still take, but it will be more subtle.  We have a few friends that dip dye their hair too and have seen a few different colors and how they fade.  The red flavors seem to be the most consistent and dye the most evenly.  Blues really vary depending on your hair.  They usually color hair a light blue to a teal.  Blue will fade to a light blue, green or even gray.  I don't recommend using grape.  It usually colors hair a muddy brown, not purple.

Here's how we dip dye and what you'll need to dip dye your hair. 

4 packets of sugar free kool aid (we use cherry)
2 mugs or glasses
2-3 cups boiling water
2 hair elastics
paper towels
towels (ones you don't mind getting stained)
conditioner (optional)

We start with clean dry hair.  We like to let the color "set" for 48 hours, so starting with clean hair is important.  Divide hair into 2-4 sections, depending on length and thickness.  We divide hair into 2 low ponytails and dip both at the same time.   Put the elastic hair ties where you will dip the hair to.  Use it as your guide and don't dip the hair past the hair ties.  This will give you a more even line of color.  Boil 2-3 cups of water and divide it evenly between 2 cups or mugs.  Add 2 packets of kool aid (UNSWEETENED!!) to each cup of water and mix until all of the kool aid is dissolved.  Cover the surface your mugs will be on with old towels in case of any spillage (we dip outside so we don't have to worry about any spills!)

Get comfortable and either watch some tv, or read a book while you are dipping!  The longer you dip the hair, the brighter the color will be. (This year we actually dipped her hair twice since her face frame layers in the front didn't reach to the ends of her ponytails.  For the second dip we put her hair in side ponys and had her lean forward over the cups for 10 minutes.)  I reccommend dipping hair for 15-30 minutes.  10-15 minutes should give a nice tint and 30 minutes should give a darker/brighter color.  Once you are done dipping the hair, pull it out of the kool aid and using paper towels, squeeze the excess kool aid out of the hair.  Remove the hair ties and rinse the hair with cool water.  You can condition the hair too.  Once it is dry, if it's not as dark/bright as you'd like you can dip the hair again!

This was the first year we tried kool aid hair dye!  We both loved it and it quickly became a summer tradition!

Second year of dip dying.  Much longer hair and we dyed more than just the ends!!  By fall it had faded to a pretty auburn and created an ombre effect in her hair.

We've figured out that the better condition your hair is in, the LESS color it holds!  This year she had just had her hair cut before we dip dyed.  No split ends meant much more subtle color!

You'll smell like kool aid for a couple washes, and the color may bleed when it's wet too!  Last summer, my daughter's hair would bleed occasionally for about a month after dying it, without rhyme or reason.  I'd suggest not wearing a white or light collored shirt when your hair is wet for awhile after.