Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tickled Pink!

Today is the first day of The*Fairy*Godmothers Tickled Pink ebay launch.

I have quite a few things listed - well, quite a few for me ;) This one has to be my favorite though.

Emily has um, well become a custom hater. I know, I cried too. ;) When she saw the top of this set she immediately said "I don't like it!!" Then she tried it on, looked in the mirror and said "I LOVE it!!" Amazingly she still liked it a few days later when she tried on the skirt too! She even requested a matching set for her doll too. What's a Mom to do?! Make the matchin doll set, of course! A historic park with victorian homes, bridges, a creek, and a lovely gazebo near us is the beautiful backdrop for the pictures, and I'm soooo happy with how they all turned out!