Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quick Vida Tutorial - I'll add pictures tonight. (Photobucket is giving me fits)

Trace all pattern pieces - don't forget to add for your seam allowance (you can tape 2 pencils together for a quick way to get your extra seam allowance) Itape my pattern pieces to a window and trace them that way onto regular paper - easy and no extra supplies are needed.

The trickiest part for me was cutting out the side panels. I made my side pieces out of 1 fabric. Fold your fabric right sides together and cut out your side panels. You should now have 2 mirror image side panels. Repeat this step for the ramaining 2. If you want to use 2 different fabrics for your side panels, cut them out 1 at a time (or layer your 2 different fabrics) you will need to flip your pattern so you get the mirror image. So cut 2 pieces with the pattern face up and 2 pieces with the pattern face down.

Lets get started sewing!

If you are going to applique, do it before you start putting the Vida together.

Pin the bottom of your front bodice to the (top of) middle front piece right sides together. Stitch and finish your seam, press the seam up and topstitch. (You can add ribbon or ric-rac now if you want it)

Pin the top of your bottom front piece to the bottom of the middle front piece right side together. (If you want to add a ruffle sandwch it between the 2 pieces). Stitch and finish your seam, press the seam up and topstitch. Your front piece is done!

Repeat the above steps for the back.

Take your side panel and pin it to the coordinating front side right sides together. Stitch and finish your seam, press seam to the side and topstitch (don't press it towards the front) Repeat for the remaining 3 side panels.

Even up your hem if needed, and finish the hem using your favorite method - bias tape, ruffle, trim, etc. You're almost done!!

Press the strap piece right sides together, stitch down the length and one end. Trim the corner, and turn the strap rightside out - repeat for the other strap. Press both straps and topstitch if desired. Set aside.

Pin your bodice lining pieces together at the sides - right sides together. Stitch and finish the seam, press open. Eithe hem or used a rolled hem on the bottom of the lining. Here comes the fun part!

Iron on a little bit of interfacing at the V in on the back of the bodice and whereve your buttonholes will be. Pin your straps to your bodice - depending on where you want your buttons - front or back. Make sure you raw edgs meet up. The straps will hang down between your bodice and the lining. Pin your bodice lining to the bodice - right sides together. Stitch all the way around the bodice. Snip your corners, (I like to make small snips around the curve too. Be careful not to cut through your stitches.) Turn the bodice right side out and press.

Create a casing by stitching an inch down (or less depending on your elastic) from the topstitching of your middle panel. (From side seam to side seam) Insert your elastic and secure at the side seams - repeat on the other side. Make your buttonholes and add your buttons to the straps. TADA!! Your Vida is done!!

The side panel, lining and casing will make more sense after I add the pictures!



thanks for the great tutorials! you have no idea how awesome you are!! xo