Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Pictures!!

A few weeks ago Emily had her pictures taken at school. She refused all of the sets I have made for her, didn't want a new set made, but found an adorable dress at (of all places!!) Target. Of course they didn't have her size. But since she is such a Skinny Minnie, she was able to wear the 4. It was a little short so we added some super cute white capris, and she insited on the little cardigan. I bribed her to wear the tiny bow (and threatened her with MUCH bigger bows) and I am THRILLED with the pictures!! Bob was amazed that these were SCHOOL pictures. LOL!

Matthew had his pictures taken today at his pre-school using the same background. All the teachers and the helpers said he did a FANTASTIC job, so I'm crossing my fingers tha this turn out too!!



What a sweet picture. We always find the Spring Pictures to be better than the fall ones. They use better backgrounds.


Adorable! I am shocked that school pictures had such a cute background. Wow! Lucky you!
The dress looks great on her too.


Yep, the Spring pictures are always better, and we got a sheet of extras!! "Laminated" key fobs, book marks and a calender all withe the picture on them.


She's darling and so is her dress!! Target has such great outfits (so don't feel bad)!


I want one please!!!


She's just darling! Happy VGNO!

raquel roysdon

Stopping by to say hello. Happy VGNO!