Thursday, April 23, 2009

Park City Quilt Festival

First off, I am in no way a quilter! When I saw all of the fabulous quilts bloggers are posting I started dreaming of what could be...

I did make some simple Raggie Quilts over the Holiday season for gifts, and everyone loved them. I am looking for the perfect fabric combination before I take the plunge and make myself one. Here is my favorite of the 6 I made!!

(The cutie in the 1st picture is my neice Katie.)

And this one was my first one before it was washed and raggie.



They are both very cute...and they look very cozy :)


As long as they are loved that's all that matters.....good work...they look good for snuggling..

Quilt Rat

I LOVE rag quilts. They are beautiful and perfect for frosty Canadian winters. Yours look wonderful, Great job!

scrappy quilter

You did a great job. I'm betting they are loved. Keep quilting!!


Both quilts are adorable. I always wanted to make a rag quilt. As Serena earlier said, as long as they are loved and used, that's all that matters.

Amy @ Park City Girl

Those blankies are the best! Thanks for sharing ;)


Looks like you are a quilter to me! Well done.


So cozy!