Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ribbon Trimmed Tiered twirl skirt.

Here's a quick tutorial on how I make my super full twirl skirts and tops.
I make all my yoke/waistbands 1.5X the waist measurement. Then each tier is double the tier above it. So, if your daughter has a 20 inch waist, here are the measurements (for the above skirt each tier was 4inches wide, but you can make them whatever measurement top the length you want.) I had 3 tiers + the waistband/yoke:
waistband 8X30 (this will be folded in half lengthwise.)
tier1 4X60
tier2 4X120
tier3 4X240

I worked with 30X4 inch strips for this skirt, but for a patchwork I usually use 18inch strips.

Sew all your strips together to get your tiers (tier1 had two strips, tier2 had four and tier3 had eight)

I choose to use bias tape instead of adding a ruffle, but a ruffle would be cute too!!
Press your bias tape to get the creases out from it being folded.
I don't use the "proper technique" for attaching bias tape - I just sandwich the material in between it and stitch. Use what ever method woks best for you.
Using an edge stitch, stitch the length of your bias tape. There is a special foot that you can use for edge-stitching, but I have no idea where mine is, so I put my needle in the left position and I got the same close stitching.

Here's the edge-stitching when it's done.
Gather your now reaaaaaly long bottom tier so it is half it's original length and matches up to tier2. Pin - right sides together, and attach. Don't forget to finish your seam (like I did!!) and press the seam up.
If you are not using the ribbon trim, be sure to top stitch your tiers. I did not topstitch before I added the ribbon trim, but you could.

Pin your ribbon so it is even with the seam of the 2 tiers. I didn't put the ribbon over the gathers, it lays nicer if you don't. Stitch it along the length using an edge stitch, as close to an edge as you can. Turn it around and stitch the other edge of ribbon - take the pins out as you go this time, don't stitch over them. Your ribbon will lay much nicer if you take the pins out as you go.
Repeat with the next tiers.

A picture after I edge-stitched on both sides.

For the waistband, I fold the yoke in half lengthwise and press. I make a casing 1inch from the top and insert my elastic - secure it at one end, but don't pull it all the way through.

Gather your 3 tiers (that are now all together) so it is the same length as your waistband. Pin, attach and press the seam up - attach the ribbon the same as you did on the bottom tiers.Now, pull the elastic through to the end of the waistband and stitch to secure it. Pin your side seams (right sides together) and stitch the seam. Press your seam, and all done!!

Instead of attaching this to a waistband for a skirt, you can attach it to a bodice and have a full twirl top/dress too!
Here are a few things I've made using these directions...




Leslie, thanks a lot for posting these quick tutes. Some of it is stuff that I should be able to figure on my own (although I never seem able to), but the little things (like when you sew the ribbon on, how you finish it off, etc) make such a difference. Thanks again.


Thanks!! I'm so happy to be able to help. I wish that when I had started sewing there had been more tutes available!


To be as talented as you....


I love your tute! Thanks so much. :)


Ohhh I love the tutorial...THANK YOU!!


Thank you "sew" much. I hope to sew something for our trip. I took sewing in high school cough-22years-cough ago so I hope something comes back! The outfit in the previous post is too cute!


Thanks, everyone!! I hope to post more tutes. A doll version of the Vida is next ;)


How do I purchase something from you? I love the Frosty, Hungry Catepillar and pumpkin outfits with hairbows. I think I would need a 5T or size 6 slim.


Rhonda, I just saw your message on etsy - I responeded ;)


Thanks so much for the tutorial - I would love to be able to make these twirl skirts! Can you recommend a sewing machine for a beginner who wants to make these? I've never used a sewing machine in my life, and don't want to buy a dud...


Thanks, Kathy! I have a Kenmore, and love it! I do all of my sewing and applique on it. I started out on a basic Singer and while it was great for sewing, it didn't do applique how I'd like. I know many reccomend Brother machines too.