Saturday, June 13, 2009

Emily E. 2nd Grader!!

*Sigh* she's officially a 2nd grader now!! She was so nervous about first grade. Mrs. Scott was new to her school and she just didn't know what to expect. Her first weeks were rough. First grade was a whole different world, and alot was expected of these first graders. Homework, EVERY night, reading EVERY night, and math packets EVERY night!! EEK!! She was missing her Kindergarten days full of Discovery Areas (houskeeping, blocks, library, etc.) morning and afternoon snack and recess. She soon discovered it wasn't too different, and that there was alot about 1st grade that she loved - Writer's work shop, Accelerated reading, Flat Stanley, and hatching baby chicks!! Of course, she LOVES Mrs. Scott now, and is sad she won't be her teacher next year. We took a few pictures after her last day of school. That is her BF Alyssa, and it's now a tradition to get a picture taken with her - she has one from her last day of Kindergarten too.

Second Grade, Here We Come!!!